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Don Norman

Don Norman is co-founder and principal of Nielsen Norman Group, which is the home for his consulting and keynote talks. Norman is an IDEO fellow and  a member of the Board of Trustees of IIT's Institute of Design in Chicago. His latest book is "Living with Complexity."


The Paradox of Wearable Technologies (at

July 24, 2013

Can wearable devices be helpful? Absolutely. But they can also be horrid. It all depends upon whether we use them to focus and augment our activities or to distract. It is up to us, and up to those who create these new wearable wonders to decide which it is to be. Article available at Technology Review.

Complexity is Good, Simplicity Overrated (at

January 27, 2013

Misc Magazine asked if I would contribute an essay on "simplicity." "No," I responded, "but I'll write on complexity. So here it is. (Readers of my book "Living with Complexity" will find this familiar.)

Gadgets? Who, me? (at

January 27, 2013

Misc Magazine liked my essay on "complexity," so they asked me to write on gadgets. What? To my great surprise, I complied.

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