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Hoa Loranger

Hoa Loranger is VP at Nielsen Norman Group and has worked in user experience for over 15 years. She conducts research worldwide, and presents keynotes and training on best practices for interface design. Hoa has consulted for companies such as Microsoft, HP, Allstate, Samsung, Verizon, and Disney. She authors publications, including a book, Prioritizing Web Usability. Read more about Hoa


Simplicity Wins over Abundance of Choice

November 22, 2015

As the number of choices increases, so does the effort required to collect information and make good decisions. Featuritis can be an exhausting disease for users.

Practical Advice for Testing Content on Websites

April 26, 2015

What happens when people reach the web page that contains the information they seek? Don’t let the user experience fall apart on the content page. Use modified user-testing techniques to evaluate whether your content meets users’ needs and expectations.

Beyond Blue Links: Making Clickable Elements Recognizable

March 8, 2015

Whether you adopt a flat-design style or not, interactive components must retain sufficient cues to suggest clickability. Signaling clickability with cues such as borders, color, size, consistency, placement, and adherence to web standards can give interactive components the proper look.

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