Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman Group which he co-founded with Dr. Donald A. Norman (former VP of research at Apple Computer). Dr. Nielsen established the "discount usability engineering" movement for fast and cheap improvements of user interfaces and has invented several usability methods, including heuristic evaluation. He holds 79 United States patents, mainly on ways of making the Internet easier to use. Read more about Jakob


Interviewing Users

July 26, 2010

Despite many weaknesses, interviews are a valuable method for exploratory user research.

iPad and Kindle Reading Speeds

July 2, 2010

A study of people reading long-form text on tablets finds higher reading speeds than in the past, but they're still slower than reading print.

Website Response Times

June 21, 2010

Slow page rendering today is typically caused by server delays or overly fancy page widgets, not by big images. Users still hate slow sites and don't hesitate telling us.

Does SharePoint Destroy Intranet Design?

June 7, 2010

As intranet projects benefit from powerful implementation platforms, teams should focus on optimizing the user experience for specific organizational needs, as 4 winning examples show.

Involving Stakeholders in User Testing

May 24, 2010

Besides usability specialists, all design team members should observe usability. It's also good to invite executives. Although biased conclusions are possible, they're far outweighed by the benefits of increased buy-in and empathy.

iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing

May 10, 2010

iPad apps are inconsistent and have low feature discoverability, with frequent user errors due to accidental gestures. An overly strong print metaphor and weird interaction styles cause further usability problems.

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