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Kara Pernice

Kara Pernice (@KaraAnn) is Senior Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group. Pernice uniquely combines her 20-plus years of business, research, and design knowledge and experience to help organizations increase their UX maturity and derive interfaces which are usable, useful, and surpass business goals. Pernice is accomplished at evaluating and managing design situations, and crafting with a team the most fitting design and research methods, and converting this analysis into outstanding design. Pernice has led teams running hundreds of intercontinental research studies, and is expert in many usability methods. Read more about Kara


Apple Is Making Us All My Grandmother

October 11, 2015

Sometimes the form doesn’t follow function and usability must be sacrificed for the sake of beautiful design and business goals. The iPhone is an example.

Why Designers Think Users Are Lazy: 3 Human Behaviors

October 4, 2015

Do you ever think your users are lazy, or maybe even a little bit dumb? Device Inertia, momentum behavior, and selective attention are common behaviors that can make users seem slothful. However, interface design, not deficient user effort, is the true cause for these error-prone user paths.

Should Small Companies Have an Intranet?

September 13, 2015

An intranet can benefit small organizations if they have many remote employees, a high employee turnover, and low findability of company-related content.

Very Large Touchscreens: UX Design Differs From Mobile Screens

August 23, 2015

Only a few mobile-design skills and design recommendations translate well to designing for very large touchscreens, as found in kiosks and other nonmobile use cases. Users’ field of vision, arm motion, affordance, and privacy are a few of the different considerations for such screens with up to 380 times the area of a smartphone.

4 iOS Rules to Break

July 19, 2015

Page control (dots), Submit at top, and the Plus (+) and Move icons are 4 common iOS patterns that cause usability problems in testing.

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