UX Strategy & Design

NN/g experts help you define a user-centered and goal-oriented interface strategy.

Design Direction Workshop

$12,000 USD

In this full-day vision engineering workshop, we look to the far future to help set strategy for the near future.
This workshop gathers various team members together and focuses everyone on the same long-term strategy for user experience at your organization. This workshop is a great team-building exercise.


  • Explore the future: Identify cutting-edge contemporary trends and future movements in user experience.
  • Reverse chronology: Work backwards from from the future to the present to explore the mid-term and immediate impact of future movements on your project.
  • Recommend: Generate concrete redesign recommendations for the next version of your site or project.

Custom Advisory

Retainer fee

NN/g experts can provide guidance when your organization needs:

  • An unbiased perspective at key points in a project lifecycle
  • Perspective on current design trends.
  • Design decision assistance

Management Review and Advisory Boards

Don Norman points out that in many companies, the required design expertise is present, but the management structure inappropriate. He serves as an advisor to many companies at the executive level, helping restructure the design process to be more effective, to bring increased sales, higher margins, and lower service calls and other costs. Norman specializes in product companies, but has helped companies across a wide range of industries.

If you are an executive trying to understand how to structure your usability or UX teams, or if you are a member of these teams but wondering why management ignores you, call on Don Norman.

Keynote Addresses

NN/g principals Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini are available for keynote talks.

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