For Managers Courses

Usability Week Courses

Usability Week offers courses about a broad range of web and application design topics. Most courses are also available as in-house training. Each course counts toward UX Certification.

Lean UX and Agile

Applying Lean UX approaches for Agile environments

  • How to incorporate user experience techniques within Agile development
  • Apply Lean UX practices for shipping quality products quickly

Agile Development and User Experience

Integrating user experience best practices into Agile or Lean processes

  • Where and when user experience (UX) should be used with an Agile or Lean development process
  • Which user experience design and research methods to use and how to appropriately pace activities against sprints
  • User experience criteria for evaluating sprint/release quality

Managing User Experience Strategy

Design thinking, early UX methods, content strategy, market research, quantitative assessments, process innovation, design patterns, and UX career development

  • Learn the business relevance of user experience
  • Understand essential user experience methods, including design, content and research strategy
  • Review people, organizational and career issues that impact user experience effectiveness
  • Develop a personal plan that is tailored for your particular situation, based on these concepts

Leading Highly-Effective UX Teams

Build and manage a successful UX group; gain influence within the organization

  • Finding the right talent and building strong teams
  • Integrating UX methods within the product lifecycle
  • Leveraging resources that result in the most impact
  • Leading UX initiatives to meet business goals

Working Effectively in Cross-Functional Teams

Achieve synergy, not infighting, when collaborating with colleagues from other UX disciplines and with non-UX team members.

  • Unique communication best practices that have been customized for User Experience Professionals
  • Strong influencing techniques specifically targeted for use by User Experience Professionals
  • Quick ways to assess and ramp-up within a cross-functional team
  • How to avoid common mistakes made by UX Professionals in building trust and credibility within cross-functional teams

The UX VP/Director

Communicating and influencing at the executive level

  • Get a seat at the leadership table
  • Deliver a concise, business-focuses articulation of and commitment to user experience
  • Drive business objectives and deliver on corporate goals