User Testing

Usability Week Courses

Usability Week offers courses about a broad range of web and application design topics. Most courses are also available as in-house training.

UX Basic Training

Be an effective UX professional: Know the lingo and sell the process

  • Understand the purpose and roles of UX professionals throughout a project lifecycle
  • Know when to apply which research methods and how to use the data to improve design
  • Assess your organization’s commitment to UX
  • Learn tips for promoting UX as a competitive advantage

Usability Testing

Plan, conduct, and analyze your own in-person usability studies

  • Learn how to set up and conduct your own in-person studies, so you can do them anytime, anywhere
  • Fine-tune your faciliation skills with expert guidance
  • Take home sample study plans and research materials to help you conduct your own studies

Analytics and User Experience

Helping UX practitioners understand how to incorporate web analytics into their work

  • How to complement traditional UX/Usability qualitative testing methods with analytics data
  • Understanding UX interpretations of key analytics metrics
  • Building familiarity with "analytics-speak" so you can request and acquire the data that is useful to UX

The One-Person UX Team Tool Box

Usability techniques and strategies to maximize your impact when you are the sole UX specialist on your project or in your organization

  • Learn how to structure your user-centered design research in a cost-effective way
  • Review more than 15 research methods that can be run quickly and inexpensively
  • Learn how to prioritize your time to maximize your value to the company instead of being spread too thin
  • Determine how to communicate and sell your results in your organization to get future funding

Usability in Practice: 3-Day Camp

Hands-on instruction for executing user-centered research and processes

  • Fine-tune your hands-on usability skills with expert guidance from instructors with more than 65 years of combined experience
  • Learn strategies for working with teams, identifying research opportunities, and choosing the right research methods
  • Take home sample study plans and research materials to help you conduct your own studies

Wireframing and Prototyping

Quick and cost-effective technique for identifying major usability issues early with sketches and paper. Perfect fit for Agile and Lean processes

  • Learn techniques for discovering usability issues early and shortening development time
  • Discover how paper prototyping can facilitate creativity and build consensus among team members
  • Conduct your own studies using wireframes and prototypes

Online and Remote User Testing

Get same-day user feedback on your design with remote testing tools such as

  • Run your own remote session during this workshop
  • Leverage online remote testing tools to uncover usability issues and test assumptions
  • Learn how to adapt test scenarios to encourage engagement during un-moderated sessions