Visual Design

Usability Week Courses

Usability Week offers courses about a broad range of web and application design topics. Most courses are also available as in-house training. Each course counts toward UX Certification.

Visual Design Principles for UX Practitioners

Graphic design techniques for balancing aesthetics and usability

  • Learn design terminology and concepts to better communicate with designers, colleagues and external consultants
  • Identify design elements that impact the user experience
  • Make the connection between visual design, communication, and usability

Emerging Patterns for Web Design

Innovative trends that impact the user experience

  • Learn emerging design patterns and trends that apply to a broad range of mainstream website types
  • Decide whether to upgrade your site's user experience with new trends and design ideas
  • Get insights needed to help you assess new ideas and determine which will work best for your site

Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet: Day 1

Basic components and patterns of mobile design

  • Balance aesthetics with functionality to create an elegant and functional design
  • Visual design components for mobile design and applying them to your situations
  • Identifying visually-awkward design decisions and how to fix them

Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet: Day 2

Advance into more challenging design solutions for mobile

  • Advanced visual design principles for mobile devices
  • Visual design and interaction patterns for common mobile experiences
  • Tips to differentiate your design from competitors

Sharpen Your Visual Design Skills: Learning By Doing

Hands-on workshop to strengthen your ability to create visual designs that achieve desirable UX and business outcomes

  • Receive mentoring from an experienced instructor on how to refine your designs.
  • Get ample pportunites to practice and iterate on your ideas.
  • Learn how to choose and apply design elements to create cohesive designs and layouts.

Web Page UX Design

Designing successful web pages based on priority, hierarchy, and balance

  • Apply layout-related [AB1] design principles to indicate priority of content, and lead users through the web page effectively

  • Ensure visuals meet brand expectations and elicit appropriate emotional responses 

  • Understand how particular page elements influence user behavior

  • Design each web page on your site to help meet your business objectives