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Call for Personas

Do you have experience creating personas? Are you willing to share your personas and tell us about your experiences with them? NN/g is interested in your processes for creating personas and how you utilize them for your product development. July 30, 2015

Call for UX Deliverables and Documentation

Have you created a great UX deliverable, or other way to document and communicate your UX research findings or design ideas? We are seeking great examples of reports, prototypes, infographics, wireframes, and more for an upcoming Showcase Report on UX deliverables. July 16, 2015

Steve Jobs wouldn't like Apple Watch (video) (CNBC)

2 minute interview with Bruce 'Tog' Tognazzini on the user interface of the Apple Watch. Steve Jobs may not have liked the extra knob, but Tog thinks it's brilliant UX design. September 10, 2014

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