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New Mobile Usability Book Released

Mobile Usability, the new book by Jakob Nielsen and Raluca Budiu, examines how we can create satisfactory user experiences for small devices. This new guide focuses on usability for mobile devices, primarily smartphones and touchphones, and covers mobile strategy, designing for small screens, writing for mobile, usability comparisons, and looking toward the future. October 25, 2012

Manufacturing, Design, and Innovation (www.jnd.org)

An expanded version of Don Norman's welcoming address to the "Workshop on Building the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation." October 1, 2012

Video: Don Norman and John Maeda (PARC Forum)

Don Norman, Principal of Nielsen Norman Group, and John Maeda, now president of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) had a public, semi-moderated discussion at a PARC Forum. July 31, 2012

The Remote Control Where Do We Go From Here? (NPR)

One hour podcast: According to one of today's guests, the percentage of television-owning households with remote controls did not break 50 until right around then. Now we all have them. And we get bitter about needing three of them to do more or less one thing. And we hate their complexity and the number of buttons that don't seem connected to anything. This is probably their twilight, anyway, as you'll see after the news. July 5, 2012

Interview with Don Norman: The Future of Automobiles (Irish Times)

Don Norman was interviewed by Neil Briscoe for an article in IrishTimes.com: Is the love affair about to end? "Are cars as we know them to become a thing of the past?" asks the article. Where is the room for "Driving passion"? The question, Briscoe points out, is whether we can continue to have single people driving around, each in a ton and a half of metal. May 16, 2012

The gadgets of 2025: Frog unveils vision of the future

For three days, FoxNews.com met with Frog, the global design and innovation firm in San Francisco that helped shape the original Mac computers and many of the most popular gadgets we use. Here are the concepts for the future that Frog developed after "frogthink" with their most brilliant brains. March 19, 2012

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