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Call for Entries: Does Your Company Have an Intranet Portal?

December 14, 2013

We are looking for examples of comprehensive intranet portals — portals that integrate enterprise information, resources, tools and applications together all in one place.
To participate in the report, organizations do not have to have a state of the art portal. Often the best lessons come from organizations whose portal projects are at different points along the continuum, from planning and design to projects that are established and growing. We are interesting in speaking with folks whose projects are at all points along that path, to learn what works and what doesn’t from real life portal projects. This research is not focused on portal products or platforms; instead we will focus on the use, usability, and adoption of portals for use inside the enterprise.

If needed you can remain anonymous, though we prefer being able to quote people and companies by name.

Note: This portals research report is not our annual intranet contest - the Intranet Design Annual. We accept submissions for the Intranet Design Annual contest in late May/early June. When that contest opens in 2014 an announcement will be posted on our website.


All participating companies will receive a free copy of the report once it’s published, plus of course the associated PR and goodwill from being represented in a report that will be read by thousands of intranet professionals around the world.

How to Enter

If you like your portal to be featured in our research project please contact us by emailing intranet@nngroup.com

Deadline: January 15, 2014