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Job Openings: UX Specialists

March 22, 2015

Job Openings: UX Specialists (entry-level or with a few years' experience)

The deadline to apply for these jobs has passed. We received about 400 applications which we are currently processing.

Nielsen Norman Group is hiring user experience specialists. We currently have several job openings at two levels:

  • Entry-level: fresh out of university (or graduating soon) or less than 2 years' work experience
  • A few years' experience: 2-6 years’ experience as a full-time user experience specialist

The 3 main requirements are:

  1. Super smart: able to figure anything out quickly, IQ in the top 1-2% of the population
  2. Compelling public speaking, charismatic on-stage performance, fearless in front of any size audience
  3. Excellent and persuasive writer of anything from short articles to full client reports: can explain complicated topics so that average readers can easily understand them and will find the exposition captivating

We are less concerned with educational background or specific degrees, because if you meet the above 3 criteria, then anything you need to know we can teach you quickly. One of the greatest benefits of this job is that you will be closely mentored by the best experts in the business. You learn more in less time than you would in any other company, because of the diversity of assignments, the excellence of the team, and the power of using sound behavioral user research methods. However, the following describes the background of many candidates we’ve hired in the past:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in human-computer interaction (HCI), user experience, usability, human factors, information architecture, interaction design, interactive media,  visual design, technical writing, communications, instructional design, digital marketing, information science, psychology, or computer science with a user interface focus, though work experience is more important than a degree concentration. We also hire people with Ph.D.s, but be warned that we do applied research, not academic research.
  • Experience working as a full-time user experience specialist in a professionally managed software development organization, professionally managed digital marketing group, or a large Internet property.

NN/g is a bureaucracy-free organization: your focus is on excellence in the UX profession, not on paperwork or office politics. Also, in this company the UX specialists are the most important part of the organization, not an oppressed minority.

These are full-time positions (with benefits), though if a superior candidate wanted a part-time job we might be open to that.


We hire people based anywhere in the continental United States. These jobs are equally-suited for people who live in big cities or remote locations because our team members work from home and only rarely have to commute.

While you work from home most days, these jobs require substantial travel, both within the U.S. and internationally, often on the order of 12-18 domestic trips (lasting anything from a day to a week) and 3-5 overseas trips per year (typically lasting a week).

[We will also consider people living abroad who have the right to work in the United States (e.g., U.S. Citizens) if they can fly back to the States around 18 times per year on assignments.]


  • Extremely smart, ability to quickly grasp new situations, ability to synthesize large amounts of information
  • High productivity, strong work ethics, commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Highly self-motivating and able to work without supervision, since this is a work-from-home position
  • Excellent presentation skills in spoken English
  • Excellent writer, superb written-English communications skills
    • (Ability to present seminars or conduct usability studies in other languages a plus, but not required)
  • Articulate UX findings and principles in compelling ways that make the user’s voice heard
  • Knowledge of the principles of interaction design, user research, IA, and human-computer interaction as well as other user experience issues such as writing for the web and SEO
  • Keen analytical ability, particularly as regards insights into observed human behavior
  • Passion for user experience and making things easy to use

Job Duties

  • Public speaking: presenting tutorials and seminars at conferences or at client sites
  • Analyzing user interfaces
  • Conducting independent research to discover new usability guidelines
  • Identifying, analyzing, and describing design patterns
  • Writing articles and reports
  • User testing, mainly qualitative, but also some benchmark and measurement studies
  • Conducting design reviews for consulting clients
  • Designing wireframes, mockups, and page concepts
  • Presenting findings to clients
  • Running workshops for clients
  • Working with clients in small and large teams to guide their design directions
  • Travel (domestic and international) to user research sites, client locations, conference venues, etc.
  • Mentoring entry-level and junior staff after you have grown into the role of senior UX Specialist

Nice Job

  • The best learning opportunity in UX anywhere in the world: mentoring from the best senior UX pros, work with hugely diverse clients (instead of a narrow set of problems), do independent research.
  • You’ll achieve much more here than in normal companies: we give you all the tools you need for max productivity and don’t slow you down with meetings or office politics. Spend time producing, not stuck on the freeway commuting to a nasty cubicle.
  • No micro-management, get your assignments done the way you want to do them.
  • Massive reach: your articles get millions of page views, you present to thousands of business professionals every year.
  • Set your own working schedule and hours, work from home, see the world.

About the Company

Nielsen Norman Group, founded in 1998 by Jakob Nielsen and Donald A. Norman, is the world’s most prestigious user experience firm. NN/g provides evidence-based UX research, training, and consulting world-wide.

How to Apply

Are you ready to join the elite? If so, send your resume with a writing sample (a document or article you have written yourself; a UX report if possible) and links to your LinkedIn/Twitter/blog/other professional online presence to Jeanette Pidanick at jobs@nngroup.com

Deadline: April 15, 2015 (but the sooner we get your application, the better).

If you’ve ever wanted to belong to the world’s leading UX group, now is your only chance for a long time to come, because we only recruit every 2 or 3 years. (We can’t hire more often because we invest so much in training and growing each new team member.)