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Don and Tog Spill the Milk (YouTube)

Don Norman and Bruce "Tog" Tognaazzini discuss conceptual models in this week's Coffee Break. September 25, 2013

Jakob Nielsen On Search Usability (SearchEngineLand)

An interview with Gord Hotchkiss, touching on everything from universal search results to personalization and scanning of search results in other cultures, like China. As always Jakob has a strongly held view on most of these topics and always provides a refreshing perspective on user behavior. July 7, 2013

Video: Jakob Nielsen talk at Google HQ (Google)

Jakob Nielsen was back at Google headquarters to give a presentation about trends in user experience and mobile usability. This is a 55 minute video recording of the talk + audience questions. May 28, 2013

Video: Bruce Tognazzini Discusses Apple iWatch (Bloomberg TV)

Nielsen Norman Group's Bruce Tognazzini and Fitbit's Eric Friedman discuss Apple's potential new project, a smart watch. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." February 11, 2013

Understanding Good Product Design (Dorm Room Tycoon)

31 minute audio interview with Don Norman about designing for the right audience, the role of the generalist and the specialist, and why you should ask the stupid questions. December 18, 2012

Thinking Small (The Wall Street Journal)

As online advertising slumped, paid search-engine listings were a bright spot. But will they stay hot? December 12, 2012

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