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Why We Look at Some Web Ads and Not Others (TIME Magazine)

Do you think you're more likely to look at an online ad if it contains 1) a picture, 2) an animation or 3) just text? The answer: just text. Surprised? Well, consider the man who was checking his e-mail when he came across a dating-service ad featuring a picture of a bikini-clad woman. He looked at the woman's face and chest once — and then at the surrounding text five times. November 8, 2009

Study: Mobile web a throwback to the '90s (USA Today)

Have a tough time getting anything more complicated than talking done on your cellphone? Small wonder. Researchers at Nielsen Norman Group put people to the test to try to look up everything from movie listings to product reviews on their handsets July 17, 2009

Don Norman Paper: Designing Waits That Work (MIT Sloan Management Review)

Don Norman's MIT Sloan Management Review paper on waiting lines is finally out: Norman, D. A. (2009). Designing waits that work. MIT Sloan Management Review, 50(4), 23-28. The URL only gives a short excerpt: you have to subscribe (or pay) to get the entire article. July 9, 2009

Jakob Nielsen Critiques Twitter (BusinessWeek)

Few would dispute that Twitter is the hottest social medium around. The microblogging application, which enables anyone with Internet access to issue short public messages—about where to buy the best red-velvet cupcakes or what the latest tally is on swine flu—has enjoyed stunning growth that has made Facebook and MySpace look like yesterday's children. An increasing number of CEOs are employing Twitter to communicate and bond with customers and employees. Nonetheless, it might be time to put some brakes on tweeting, according to Jakob Nielsen. May 8, 2009

Don Norman's TED Talk (TED)

Don Norman's talk from 2003 on "Design and Emotion" (based upon his book "Emotional Design"). March 24, 2009

Touch Screens Everywhere

Start investing in Windex. If the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month was any indication, we’re going to be cleaning smudges from a whole lot of touch screens in the future. January 23, 2009

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