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El ojo humano prefiere leer sobre papel que en pantalla (La Vanguardia)

(Spanish) Especialista en el uso de tecnologías, Jakob Nielsen ha participado en Barcelona como gurú de las jornadas Experience 2007. Ha comentado La Vanguardia algunos de sus puntos de vista, incluidas las ventajas que aún detecta en el papel sobre las pantallas a la hora de leer un diario. October 28, 2007

Bright SEO career prospects could dim (ZDNet)

Job prospects in search engine optimization are rosy, but the situation could change 10 years down the road, says Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen. October 23, 2007

Gunning for Google (BusinessWeek)

Recent redesigns at Yahoo!, Microsoft Live Search, and Ask.com are providing graphically rich alternatives to the minimalist search giant October 8, 2007

Danmarks internationale netguru (Berlingske)

(Danish) Brugervenligt netdesign er blevet Jakob Nielsens adelsmærke – men selv om amerikanerne mener, at han snart bør gå på pension, løfter han stadig vægte for at holde formen. October 4, 2007

Search In The Year 2010: Part Two (SearchEngineLand)

Several weeks ago (seemingly years) Just Behave featured Part One of the summarized interviews with my personal dream team of search usability. In that installment, we looked at their thoughts on what the look of the search results page would be, how the algorithms would get smarter, including personalization, more functionality in the search results, and how much of that functionality might be exposed to the user, letting them get the hands on the knobs and levers to customize their search experience. Today, I’ll share the second half of those interviews, looking at mobile, what advertising might look like on the search results page, will banner blindness rear it’s head on the SERP, how our interactions might change and some bold predictions for the future. September 7, 2007

Search In The Year 2010 (SearchEngineLand)

If I ever had to build a search engine, or more precisely, the interface of a search engine, this would be the team I would want to bring together. When I came up with the idea of looking forward three years and speculating on what the search results page may look like in 2010, these are the names that immediately came to mind. This would be the dream team for designing the new search interface. So it was with a great deal of anticipation that I threw in front of them the same question: what will the search results page look like in 2010? Here, aggregated and condensed, are their answers. I’ve broken them into themes that consistently came out in these interviews. We covered a lot of ground, so we’ll cover the first half this week, and the next column will run on September 7th. August 10, 2007

The web design guru that web designers love to hate (The Guardian)

Google for Jakob Nielsen and you'll often find him described as a "web design guru". He's also the man that some web designers love to hate. In particular, they love to heap abuse on his website - UseIt.com. August 8, 2007

Are firms leaving customers stuck in the web? (MyCustomer)

As the versatility of the internet increases at warp speed, web users are quick to adjust their expectations of what online experiences a company should deliver. So, are businesses really satisfying their users? August 8, 2007

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