E-Commerce User Experience

3rd Edition

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Improving the usability of your e-commerce site builds a competitive advantage - today’s consumers are not satisfied with sites that simply allow them to shop. These reports outline detailed recommendations for improving the online shopping experience.

This series includes 13 reports on specific topics and presents 884 design guidelines based on our usability research. Discussions and 1,710 screenshot illustrations supplement the findings.

Article on research findings: E-Commerce UX Design Trends

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Individual Reports

Vol. 01: User Behavior, Key Findings and Executive Summary for the Series
Get insights into people’s online shopping behavior. This 76-page report presents the key usability findings that all e-commerce organizations should know.

Vol. 02: Homepages and Category Pages
E-commerce usability research featuring 71 guidelines for gaining customer interest and encouraging them to browse your offerings.

Vol. 03: Product Pages
Give e-commerce customers the product information they want, at the right time, and at the appropriate level of detail. Get 76 guidelines for producing engaging product pages.

Vol. 04: Shopping Carts, Checkout and Registration
Increase e-commerce transactions; 114 guidelines for creating a smooth checkout experience.

Vol. 05: Search (Including Faceted Search)
Most e-commerce customers go directly to a site’s search tool to find products. Get 62 tips for designing search to increase profitability.

Vol. 06: Customer Service
Good e-commerce customer service leads to more loyal customers. Get 48 tips for designing websites that support customers when they need it.

Vol. 07: Selling Strategies
A strong loyalty strategy helps you obtain and retain e-commerce customers. Get 82 tips for improving your marketing techniques online.

Vol. 08: Wishlists, Gift Certificates, and Gift Giving
Gift-giving features can introduce new customer to your e-commerce site. Get 109 tips for helping shoppers create registries and redeem gift cards online.

Vol. 09: Trust and Credibility
Trust is hard to build and easy to lose on e-commerce websites. Get 59 guidelines for helping customers feel confident enough in your organization to take desirable actions.

Vol. 10: International Purchasers
Discover the nuances of selling to customers in different countries. Get 61 tips for appealing to a global audience.

Vol. 11: Store Finders and Locators
Get people to your stores by making yourself easy to find. Get 58 tips for designing locators on desktop and mobile websites and applications.

Vol. 12: Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages
Reduce call center costs with well-written automated email messages. Get 144 tips for improving customer service while saving you money.

Vol. 13: User Research Methodology
Get inspiration for conducting your own studies. Learn how we collected the data so you can apply the suggestions appropriately.

What’s new in the third edition?

The third edition includes new and updated guidelines, including revisions and clarifications, as well as more than 600 new screenshot examples. In the third edition of this report, we used the existing guidelines from our previous research studies to complete heuristic reviews on additional e-commerce sites, adding new guidelines and updating examples of existing guidelines.

Research Method

The information in these reports is based on two separate rounds of e-commerce studies, including:

  • One-on-one usability testing
  • Diary-based longitudinal study, for which people recorded their online experiences
  • Eyetracking

Representative users tested 206 e-commerce websites. The studies took place in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, and China (Hong Kong).

Three reports in this series are based on additional research studies (Wishlists, Gift Certificates and Gift Giving, Store Finders and Locators, and Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages). Each of these three reports includes its own methodology section.


Research Reports

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