Paper Prototyping Training Video

Paper prototyping is a technique that allows you to create and test user interfaces quickly and cheaply. It's easier to change a prototype than the final design. 

This 40-minute training video demonstrates how to build paper prototypes and get usability feedback from real users early. It also makes a good educational video for Human Factors and Interaction Design students. 

The demonstrations in the video feature web, applications, mobile devices, and hardware user interfaces.

Topics covered

  • Introduction: What is paper prototyping and why you should use it
  • Materials: What paper prototypes look like and how they're created
  • Representing widgets and interactions. Get tips on:
    • sketching screens
    • representing user interface widgets
    • simulating complex interactions such as drag & drop, scrolling, and multimedia
  • Low fidelity prototype testing (hand sketches)
  • Higher fidelity prototype testing (computer-created prototypes)
  • Mobile device testing
  • Hardware and kiosks tests
  • Convince skeptical members of your team who do not believe that it is possible to test unpolished designs; showing beats telling.

Stills from the video

Low-fidelity paper prototypes just require paper and pen to simulate an interface:

low fidelity paper prototype


High-fidelity paper prototypes are made via desktop publishing programs or design software such as Photoshop or Illustrator:

high-fidelity paper prototype


All manner of interfaces can be simulated using paper. For example, mobile applications:


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