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10 Best Intranets of 2015


Intranet teams continue to grow, streamline processes, and produce innovative designs. Some feature trends include: responsive design, search filters, flat design, and megamenus.

2015 Intranet Design Annual


This 360-page report represents the best-practice case studies of the year's 10 best intranets. Take a look at innovative ideas and solutions that you can use for inspiration. 

Intranet Usability Guidelines: Findings from User Testing of 42 Intranets


Increase employee intranet usage and productivity by following these 782 design and management guidelines (in 9 volumes) based on behavioral research with 42 different intranets from around the world. Save 48% when you purchase all 9 volumes together.

Vol. 01: Research Overview and How to Run Your Own Studies
Vol. 02: Accessing the Intranet: Address, Homepage, and Personalization
Vol. 03: HR Benefits, Forms, and Employee Self-Service Features
Vol. 04: Communications: News, Newsletters, and Social Features
Vol. 05: Information about People, Teams, Departments, and the Company (Incl. Corporate Policies)
Vol. 06: Searching the Intranet and the Employee Directory
Vol. 07: Navigation and Page Layout
Vol. 08: Content Management and Supporting Multiple Locations and Languages
Vol. 09: Managing the Intranet and Teams

Intranet Users Stuck at Low Productivity


Although intranet design is improving, it hasn't kept pace with increased complexity in enterprise requirements, so measured usability is down slightly.

Mobile Intranets and Enterprise Apps


This 237-page, illustrated report provides case studies and survey feedback from more than 200 designers creating mobile-optimized enterprise apps and intranet content. It covers responsive web designs, mobile websites, mobile web apps, and native apps.

New Research: Intranet Portals 5th Edition Released


June 30, 2014 The 5th edition Intranet Portals report is now available. Report discusses successful enterprise portals, current trends and best practices, and how portals have matured over the years.

The Canonical Intranet Homepage


Intranet homepages have become very similar in their basic layout. Intranets that look the same can nonetheless differ drastically in usability due to different features and content.

The Difference Between Intranet and Internet Design


Your intranet should have different visual style and navigational architecture from your website since users, tasks, and information all differ. Intranets should be managed diversity; neither totalitarian nor anarchies

Intranet Usability Shows Huge Advances


Measured usability improved by 44% compared to our last large-scale intranet study. The new research identified 5 times the previous number of intranet design guidelines.

Intranet Design Trends and Best Practices


Enterprise UX strategies to increase employee productivity, communication, and satisfaction

  • Learn essential design elements and key characteristics of well-designed, successful intranets
  • Review best practices in the design process for deriving successful intrants that support the enterprise
  • Examine examples of good designs through screenshots and case studies of intranets, which are usually protected behind the organization’s firewall
  • Benchmark your intranet’s usability against others

Ten Best Intranets of 2006


This year, we saw increased use of multimedia, e-learning, internal blogs, and mobile access. Winning companies also encouraged consistent design by emphasizing training for content contributors.

Intranet Design Annual: 2003


This 175-page report presents case studies of the 10 best intranets of 2003, illustrated with 97 screenshots.