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  • CHI'94 Trip Report

    June 1, 1994

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1994 Computer-Human Interaction conference (CHI '94). CHI'94 (Boston, MA, April 24-28), IEEE Software 11, 4 (July), 110-112.

    Usability Laboratories: A 1994 Survey

    February 1, 1994

    A summary of statistics for the thirteen usability laboratories in 1994, an introduction to the main uses of usability laboratories in usability engineering, and survey of some of the issues related to practical use of user testing and CAUSE tools for computer-aided usability engineering. Nielsen, J. (1994). Usability laboratories. Behaviour & Information Technology 13, 1&2, 3-8.

    Goal Composition: Extending Task Analysis to Predict Things People May Want to Do

    January 1, 1994

    This essay describes a technique for extending a task analysis based on the principle of goal composition. Basically, goal composition starts by considering each primary goal that the user may have when using the system. A list of possible additional features is then generated by combining each of these goals with a set of general meta-goals that extend the primary goals.

    UPA'93: Usability Professionals Association Annual Meeting

    August 1, 1993

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1993 Usability Professionals Association (UPA) Annual Meeting. Usability Professionals Association Annual Meeting (Redmond, WA, July 21-23, 1993), SIGCHI Bulletin 26, 2 (April 1994).

    Noncommand User Interfaces

    April 1, 1993

    Several new user interface technologies and interaction principles seem to define a new generation of user interfaces that will move off the flat screen and into the physical world to some extent. Many of these next-generation interfaces will not have the user control the computer through commands, but will have the computer adapt the dialogue to the user's needs based on its inferences from observing the user. This article defines twelve dimensions across which future user interfaces may differ from the canonical window systems of today: User focus, the computer's role, interface control, syntax, object visibility, interaction stream, bandwidth, tracking feedback, interface locus, user programming, and software packaging. Nielsen, J. (1993). Noncommand user interfaces. Communications of the ACM 36, 4 (April), 83-99.

    Information Retrieval of Imperfectly Recognized Handwriting

    January 1, 1993

    A user test of handwritten input on a pen machine achieved a 1.6% recognition error rate at the character level, corresponding to 8.8% errors on the word level. Input speed was 10 words per minute. In spite of the recognition errors, information retrieval of the handwritten notes was almost as good as retrieval of perfect text.

    CHI'92 Trip Report

    June 1, 1992

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1992 Computer-Human Interaction conference (CHI '92). CHI'92 (Monterey, CA, 3-7 May 1992), IEEE Software 9, 4 (July 1992), pp. 78- 79.

    A Layered Interaction Analysis of Direct Manipulation

    January 1, 1992

    The concept of direct manipulation is usually viewed as a single characteristic of a class of interaction styles. Here, direct manipulation is analyzed according to a detailed layered interaction model, showing that it has quite different effects on the dialogue on the different levels. In particular, the "no errors" claim may be true at the syntax level but not at several of the levels above or below that level. Furthermore, a unified framework is presented for conceptualizing Direct Manipulation, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), Transparency, Immediate Command Specification, Arcticulatory Directness, and Computational Appliances according to a layered interaction view.

    CHI'90 Trip Report

    June 1, 1990

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report from the 1990 Computer-Human Interaction (CHI '90) conference. CHI'90 (Seattle, WA, 1-5 April 1990), SIGCHI Bulletin 22, 2 (October 1990), pp. 20-25.

    Hypertext'89 Trip Report

    April 1, 1990

    Trip report from the ACM Hypertext'89 conference. Includes summary of Meyrowitz' discussion of open integrating hypertext and the extent to which the Memex vision has been realized so far. Hypertext'89 (Pittsburgh, PA, 5-8 November 1989), SIGCHI Bulletin 21, 4 (April 1990), pp. 52-61.

    Hypertext'2 Trip Report

    July 1, 1989

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1989 Hypertext 2 conference in York, U.K. International Conference on Fifth Generation Computer Systems (Tokyo, Japan, 28 November - 2 December 1988), SIGCHI Bulletin 21, 1 (July 1989), pp. 68-71.

    CHI'89 Trip Report

    June 1, 1989

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report from the 1989 Computer-Human Interaction (CHI '89) conference held in Austin, Texas. CHI'89 (Austin, TX, 30 April - 4 May 1989), SIGCHI Bulletin 21, 2 (October 1989), pp. 28-40.

    CHI'88 Trip Report

    June 1, 1989

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1988 Computer-Human Interaction conference (CHI '88). CHI'88 (Washington, DC, 15-19 May 1988), SIGCHI Bulletin 20, 2 (October 1988), pp. 58-66.

    HyperHyper'89 Trip Report

    March 1, 1989

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1989 Hyper Hyper Conference in London, UK. British Computer Society HyperHyper workshop (London, UK, 23 February 1989), SIGCHI Bulletin 21, 1 (July 1989), pp. 65-67.

    Fifth Generation 1988 trip report

    December 31, 1988

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1988 International Conference on Fifth Generation Computer systems conference in Tokyo, Japan.

    Hypertext'87 Trip Report

    April 1, 1988

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1987 Hypertext conference. HyperTEXT'87 (Chapel Hill, NC, 13-15 November 1987), SIGCHI Bulletin 19, 4 (April 1988), pp. 27-35. Also exists in a hypertext version in HyperCard format.

    CHI+GI'87 Trip Report

    December 31, 1987

    Jakob Nielsen's Trip Report from the 1987 Joint Computer-Human Interaction + Graphics Interface Conferences (CHI+GI '87)

    CSCW'86 Trip Report

    December 31, 1986

    Jakob Nielsen's trip report for the 1986 Computer-supported Cooperative Work conference (CSCW '86). Computer-Supported Cooperative Work'86 (Austin, TX, 3-5 December 1986), ACM SIGCHI Bulletin 19, 1 (July 1987), pp. 54-61.

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