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  • Japanese Products Map the Mobile Road Ahead

    April 29, 2001

    Japan is now shipping a wide variety of new Internet-connected devices. Among the highlights are new mobile photography units like Eggy, and i-mode telephones with liberating two-dimensional controls.

    Mobile Phones: Europe's Next Minitel?

    January 7, 2001

    Europe's cellular phone system is far superior to that in the United States. However, telephones will not be the platform for the mobile Internet. Given this, Europe's advantage may in fact be an obstacle to real innovations, as France's experience with Minitel shows.

    WAP Mobile Phones Field Study Findings

    December 10, 2000

    Following a UK field study, 70% of users decided not to continue using WAP mobile phones. Mobile's killer app is killing time; m-commerce's prospects are dim for the next several years. Current services are poorly designed, have insufficient task analysis, and abuse existing non-mobile design guidelines.

    New Devices Augur Decent Mobile User Experience

    September 17, 2000

    The current generation of mobile Internet products and services has miserable usability (as shown at the DEMOmobile 2000 conference). New devices like Blackberry, Modo, and a prototype Microsoft telephone do better.

    WAP Backlash

    July 9, 2000

    Experience with WAP in Europe shows that it is hard to use. Because of the miserable usability of the small phones, services must be re-designed for each handset, increasing maintenance costs.

    Predictions for the Web in Year 2000

    December 26, 1999

    Micropayments will start with value-added content; mobile access; advice and sales become unbundled and physical experience environments may launch.

    Graceful Degradation of Scalable Internet Services

    October 31, 1999

    Specialized Internet applications will return to provide richer UIs than are possible in browsers, but browsers will remain and new, smaller devices will arise, so content and features must work across three levels of sophistication. WAP will fail.

    Electronic Books - A Bad Idea

    July 26, 1998

    The book metaphor is too strong and leads designers astray, missing out on the computer's potential for dynamic and interactive text.

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