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Usability as Barrier to Entry

November 28, 1999

Increased user impatience will make new websites fail unless they are twice as usable as existing sites. Revolutionary Internet services must explain why users should care in no more than two lines.

Stuck With Old Browsers for at Least 3 Years

April 18, 1999

4% of users upgraded to a new version each month in 1998. By 2008, upgrade speeds were only 2%/month. It takes 3 years for 3/4 of users to embrace a new version.

Personalization is Over-Rated

October 4, 1998

Personalized Web interfaces are over-hyped: users don't want to be stereotyped and it is too much work for them to enter detailed preference settings.

Should You Outsource Web Design?

June 28, 1998

Web design is a core competency for the network economy and should not be outsourced, even though certain specific components may be outsourced.

Review of Esther Dyson's Book Release 2.0

November 15, 1997

Jakob Nielsen reviews Esther Dyson's book Release 2.0: useless, yet ultra-strategic; a tool to envision the network economy and the Web's eventual effect on our lives.

Loyalty on the Web

August 1, 1997

Loyal users who return to a site many times are more valuable than 'site tourists' who simply check out a few pages. Loyalty is built by fresh content, update notifications, and customization and other ways of rewarding repeat visits

Top 10 Mistakes of Web Management

June 15, 1997

Web project management impacts usability significantly. Mistakes include having site structure mirror your orgchart, outsourcing to multiple agencies, generic links from offline collateral, and lack of strategic thinking

The Fallacy of Atypical Web Examples

June 1, 1997

Common conclusions about Yahoo, Wall St. Journal, Disney, The WELL, and are wrong: generalizing Web trends from popular examples featured in the press is dangerous; spectacular case studies are often outliers.

Do Websites Have Increasing Returns?

April 15, 1997

How much better is it to be a *big* website? Large sites can use their own hyperlinks to drive even more traffic, but small sites generate more value through focused content and microtransactions. (Updated 2005.)

Relationships on the Web

January 1, 1996

Welcome to 1996. What will be the key to web-site survival this year? My bet is the establishment of relationships between the site and its users.

Who Should You Hire to Design Your Web Site?

October 1, 1995

You need to hire someone to design your Web site. What should you look for before signing on the dotted line? Let's look at a few different types of consultants.

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