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Topic: User Behavior

Web Research: Believe the Data

July 11, 1999

Much is known about Web user behavior, yet research findings are often ignored in actual projects. Examples: up-front customer registration doesn't work; frequency of use and effectiveness of Web marketing methods are negatively correlated.

Why People Shop on the Web

February 7, 1999

A survey of 1,780 people who have bought something on the Web found that convenience and ease of use are the main reasons to shop on the Web. Non-buying visits (product research) are important to shoppers.

Paradox of the Active User

October 4, 1998

Users never read manuals but start using the software immediately. They are motivated to get started and to get their immediate task done: they don't care about the system as such and don't want to spend time up front on getting established, set up, or going through learning packages.

The Increasing Conservatism of Web Users

March 22, 1998

Users demand compliance with established design conventions. No site can stand out any more; all are part of a single interwoven user experience; the Web as a whole dictates design

Why Advertising Doesn't Work on the Web

September 1, 1997

The Web is a cognitive medium; the user owns the navigation and won't wait for emotional brand messages. Product sites and classifieds have value, but most ads get puny click-through and few customers.

Response Times: The 3 Important Limits

January 1, 1993

How users react to delays in a user interface, whether website or application. The 3 main response time limits are determined by human perceptual abilities.

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